Your numbers have a lot to say

Some of your most important stories—like the importance of handwashing in reducing the spread of Covid or diversifying your stock portfolio—originate as a collection of data and numbers.

But let’s be frank: spreadsheets, charts, and graphs aren’t always exciting conversation starters. At best, they’re like waiting through a Hulu commercial. At worst, more complicated and confusing than filling out insurance forms.


Triplidata gives them a voice

Triplidata’s revolutionary tool, Newton, converts complex data sets
into simple, interactive 3D visualizations. These stories help your
clients understand the numbers more clearly, and you can spend more time
on the important conversations instead of hours of explaining
complicated graphs and charts. It becomes more about the “why” and less
about the “what.”

Which graphic tells a better story?


If you picked A, then you’re in good company. 90% of humans are visual learners, and we gravitate towards imagery that tells a clear story.

A Fresh Perspective Image

Changing the way people understand complicated information

Triplidata created “Newton” to clarify information traditionally presented in charts and spreadsheets. Newton simplifies the way the human mind processes data with interactive 3D visualizations.

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