Let’s Get Visual!

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Data is everywhere. 

It’s how you present updates, forecasts, and results to your clients, whoever they might be. 

You need it to help explain everything from the effects of drinking coffee on gut health to the behavior of shoppers across retail stores in the Southwest, and even the popularity of tater tots in New York restaurants over the decades. 

We know we need data-and we know very few of us find flat, 2D spreadsheets to be an engaging format. So, how do we best present data? 

Over the past several years, statisticians, artists, and data journalists have all investigated how you can best present data. When it comes to large and complex data sets, we need stimulating ways to communicate massive amounts of information quickly and accurately. 

It turns out what a lot of folks need are better visualization tools. Static pie charts and simple line graphs have their place, but in a complicated, intersectional world of information, what you really need are visual aids that engage as well as explain. The goal is to be able to make your information understandable as quickly and effectively as possible. 

So how can you improve how you present your data? 

Enter, Newton by Triplidata. Regardless of your industry, our fully customizable tool is built to assist you. Newton turns data visualization theory and best practices into easy-to-use, responsive tools so that you can give your clients those lightbulb moments. 

Consider this statement from Dr. Antony Unwin in the Harvard Data Science Review: “Graphics reveal data features that statistics and models may miss: unusual distributions of data, local patterns, clusterings, gaps, missing values […] and so on.” 

Graphics, overall, help you explain relationships in the data to your employees, coworkers, and clients. These days, however, data sets are so large, and interact in so many ways, that monochrome bar graphs just aren’t cutting it. 

You need a tool that can identify patterns and gaps over time, in a way that can quickly change, and respond to new parameters. If you’re modeling the impact of financial decisions, materials choices, or logistics timelines, you need graphics that you can update quickly to show real-time forecasts. You need a tool that is customizable, but not so free-form that you find yourself reinventing the wheel every week. 

You need Newton for Triplidata

And it’s worth it: it’s much easier to spot patterns and tell stories when you have the appropriate tool. 

Let’s say your data relates to the distribution of livestock in the US over the last 50 years. While there are many ways you could display your data—a bar graph with state-by-state analysis, a scatterplot with regional indicators over time—Newton by Triplidata offers you 3-D interactive graphics so you can visually demonstrate the geographical spread of livestock year by year. 

Or let’s say you’re working more with health information. Perhaps you’re showing a patient how drinking less soda and upping their fiber intake could positively impact their bone density, and relate all of that back to their life expectancy. 

That’s a lot of information to cover, but Newton can help you explain the relationships between current and future behaviors seamlessly. A client or patient seeing their life expectancy soar as the soda count goes down can help everyone involved in better choices: with data visualization like this, you can communicate the full impact of your information in just moments. 

Data visualization is a way for professionals in all industries to make the significance of their data more comprehensible-and more poignant. Triplidata takes these goals to the next level, by offering features like customizable colors, animated infographics, and mobile-friendly formatting. 

It’s time to bid farewell to long black and white PDFs, and static, stultifying scatterplots. The human brain learns and remembers information more effectively with visual stimulus, especially movement… which means that Newton for Triplidata quite literally allows you to spend less time explaining numbers and more time talking about what really matters. 

Get started with a demo now! 

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