Taking your data from “huh?” to “aha!”

Dynamic 3-D

Flexible and built to be changed


Interactive, versatile design for easily digestible data

Multiple Sources

Ability to pull in data from many sources


Flexible and built to be changed

Mobile Friendly

Designed specifically for smartphones and tablets

A new way to make your numbers more interesting

Newton by Triplidata turns complicated, boring spreadsheets into engaging 3-D graphics people connect with and understand.

In Real-time

No waiting for updates. Triplidata shares real-time data coupled with progression capabilities in a way that gets people talking.

Captures attention in 30 seconds or less

By moving slowly on the screen, Newton actively engages the brain when a viewer looks at it. The interactive design requires people to get involved in learning.

It can even help increase life expectancy


Dr. Sean O’Mara of Medical Concierge Wellness uses Newton to demonstrate the relationship between visceral fat (fat that wraps around your abdominal organs), sarcopenia (skeletal muscle disorder), and life expectancy. Using a customized timelapse model, Dr. O’Mara can have clear and simple conversations with patients who need to reduce processed food in their lives to improve their health.

“Newton from Triplidata provides an easy, persuasive way to tell your story. In our case, we use it to encourage people to engage with their health. The 3-D model creates a powerful visual showing the direct correlation between the decline of visceral body fat and increased life expectancy. To help reinforce the connection, we added in the variable of processed foods which allowed the data to tell a relatable, compelling story. Patients can more easily process and understand how small changes can have a dramatic impact on their quality, and length, of life.” – Dr. O’Mara

The likelihood of remembering what the viewer sees with Newton is 6x greater than anything utilizing 2D text.*

Designed specifically for smartphones and tablets

Complex data has a tendency to take up a lot of space when it’s in database or spreadsheet form. Our “drill-down” design keeps the graphic the same size but allows the user to click into deeper layers of information creating engagement and understanding.

Easy to share

Once your visualization is created, you can download it to use across all relevant platforms for your clients, including press releases, websites, emails, social media or and text messages.

Saves Time and Energy

Your best self is spent connecting with your audience. Spend less time explaining complicated PowerPoints and more time talking about what’s really important.

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