Stand Out From the Competition With Newton

3 Ways Newton Helps You Do Things Better

We get it: it’s a competitive world out there, and you need to stand out. 

But with complex topics, and individual clients with unique needs, how do you bring your data to life? 

There has to be more than just information available. You need methods of storytelling that bring topics to life—you need engagement, quickly, and in an available format. 

Long story short, you need Newton by Triplidata. 

Here’s why: 

1. Engagement

Colors, motion, 3D graphics—that’s what drives engagement these days. The statistics don’t lie. Our brains process visual information more rapidly than they do plain text—which is one of the reasons we’re so thrilled by animations and movement. We are literally wired to take in, understand, and remember more pertinent information when visually stimulated

With this in mind, consider how often we present data in a boring way, to our coworkers, clients, and stakeholders. It’s time to stop relying on spreadsheets with number-filled charts that demand attention, without providing a hook. 

Visual storytelling has the ability to grab an audience and keep them engaged. Newton by Triplidata is all about the balance between informative presentation and immediate engagement. Newton assimilates your data and allows you to present it with the impact you know it deserves. 

And here’s the secret: 3D animated graphics with real-time changes and customizable colors. Bring both your point, the context, and your suggestions to life in just a few clicks. Other data-presentation companies are still relying on static tables and simple pie charts, but Triplidata recognizes that often, the data you need to present is too complex for basic graphics

2. Efficiency

Once you’ve got a graphic that “works,” you’ll realize just how effective and time-saving it can be. 

When your data makes an impact, you spend less time explaining the data, and more time talking about solutions to a problem. In the same vein, your clients spend less time squinting at a spreadsheet—or worse, yawning at it—and more time asking you questions from an empowered point of view. 

Newton makes presentation of data more efficient overall through effective visuals, but also by making it straightforward for you to change parameters, and have them reflected in your graphics in real-time. For situations involving projections and forecasts, these solutions are extremely useful. Comparing results and discussing potential outcomes has never been more time-saving. 

3. Mobile Presentation 

It’s 2022 and now more than ever, everyone is “on the go” all the time. Being able to communicate effectively relies on your preparation and your ability to have information presentable at a moment’s notice. 

Often this translates to a need to have data available and accessible from a smartphone or tablet, so no matter where you are—the hospital hallway or the line at Starbucks—you can make impactful points. Companies that haven’t yet prioritized making mobile-friendly presentation tools are being left behind; we’re no longer in a place where desktop-only is useful to clients. 

Newton, fortunately, is ahead of the curve, and we’ve prioritized making your graphic creations accessible anytime and anywhere. Our “drill-down” design keeps the graphic the same size but allows the user to click into deeper layers of information, and our commitment to a mobile presentation makes everything easy to share, cross-device. 

Triplidata knows what it’s like to seek ways to stand out—and we think you deserve tools that make it an easy and exciting prospect in your industry. Whether you’re looking to forecast patient health, or investigate the best financial plan for your family, Newton allows your numbers to speak.

Take a dive into Newton now!