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Triplidata’s tool, Newton, generates a rotating, highly compact 3-D image that captures the eye of the viewer and offers them an opportunity to interact with the data in a completely new way.

Newton by Triplidata is the only patented software of its kind, so you’ll be working with one-of-a-kind technology. Drill-down software and high aggregation capabilities allow for robust visualization.

You’re in the right place. Easy to implement, Triplidata’s Newton is a software component library that requires only basic javascript skills.

Newton by Triplidata creates a rotating, active graphic for high-tech visualizations people will remember.

Newton can show time progressions for multiple data sets, correlated, and/or non-correlated data for maximum efficiency.

Newton is for you.

  • Easy to implement
  • Requires very basic javascript skills
  • Well-documented
  • Reference examples
  • High level of security: code doesn’t have any external dependencies
  • Can run on most web servers
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Ability to pull data from multiple databases
  • Can be used for a wide variety of data types and sources
  • Unique drill-down feature allows for infinite data layers, data mining, and investigative capabilities

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